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We are fortunate to live in the vicinity of Rome, in a beautiful countryside that's included in the Cesanese del Piglio DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) area. This is the only DOCG red wine in Lazio and has a very ancient history. In fact, its name comes from Latin and means "cut the wood" precisely because the Romans loved this wine so much that they planted vines everywhere near Rome.

It is the Benedictine monks of Subiaco who have preserved the Cesanese vines and preserved them to this day with all their unique aromas. Cesanese is a strong but gentle wine. The nose has hints of violet flowers, cherry and red fruits. It expresses its best after several years of aging. We waited two millennia to plant it again, now we have to wait a few more months for it to mature into its ultimate quality.

We decided to start producing Cesanese after falling madly in love with a hill next to our house that is perfect for this type of grape variety. A hill that offers ideal exposure in an unspoiled area surrounded by olive trees, laurels and ancient apple varieties from Paliano. To make the vineyard we had to buy plots of land from 30 different owners and today we have come to own 4.5 hectares of vineyard, 500 Rosciola olive trees and a lovely valley perfect for planting grains.

In 2022 we planted 20,000 vines, including 18,000 cuttings of Cesanese for red wine production, and 2,000 cuttings of Maturano, a vine recently rediscovered in Ciociaria, for white wine production.

The year 2022 was also our first vintage to produce "Lettera" Cesanese del Piglio DOCG, in honor of our horse. After fermentation in steel tanks, Lettera spent 6 months in large wooden barrels for aging, and another 4 months in the bottle.

It is a wine with an intense and complex nose where floral and ripe red fruit notes such as sour cherry and black cherry are evident, but also spicy aromas of black pepper with toasted and balsamic sensations. A velvety tannin emerges in the mouth creating an elegant and balanced wine, but also complex and persistent thanks to its acidity. Lettera is a perfect wine to pair with traditional Roman and Ciociara dishes, and also goes well with the finest meats.

"Letter" is finally ready to be tasted! What are you waiting for?


Ten years ago, we planted a small vineyard of Sangiovese grapes to observe the development of its aromas in our area. Sangiovese is the most famous Italian grape variety in the world and is the basis of many prestigious Italian wines.

After ten years, we are proud to say that the experiment has succeeded perfectly: our Lazio Rosso IGT wine is ready.

Clea is a tribute to our 'construction manager,' our female German shepherd who closely oversees all of our activities.

The 2022 is our first vintage and is a wine characterized by a beautiful ruby red color, a good alcohol content and an important tannic structure, thanks to its strong acidity and suitability for aging.

On the nose and palate, floral notes of violets, red roses and underbrush reminiscent of humus, fern, moss and thyme (typical of the Sangiovese grape variety) are evident, but also red fruit (cherry, black cherry, raspberry) and bloody, spicy hints of black pepper.

After fermentation in temperature-controlled steel tanks, we chose to let it age for 6 months in barrique to enhance its aromas and to round out its significant tannin. Finally, after 4 months in the bottle, it is ready to be finally tasted!


Maturano is an indigenous grape variety from southern Lazio that has recently been rediscovered. The Benedictine monks of Montecassino began planting it more than a thousand years ago. We can say that we still grow Cesanese and Maturano thanks to St. Benedict and his monasteries in Subiaco and Cassino.

We decided to plant Maturano in Colle Rampo, a beautiful area of Paliano kissed by unforgettable sunsets. Our goal is to produce sparkling wines by 2024 to be enjoyed as aperitifs in the spring of 2025.