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Why a Grain Taster course?

A once-in-a-lifetime experience discovering the true world of Italian pasta, and the joy of eating together.

There are two reasons behind the conception of this course: the first was the concept of wheat terroir, which triggered the curiosity to taste many other wheat varieties. The second is the protocol we developed with friends, enabling one to compare different varieties, and taste the aromas of each field.

The course is divided into 3 thematic evenings dedicated to 9 tastings of single-varietal wheat pasta from different territories. This helps to understand the concept of pasta Terroir. The topics covered in the course are Lifestyle, Agriculture and Cuisine.

Courses are hosted in restaurants, with the close involvement of the restaurant's chef who will develop his own recipes for each type of grain.

A Donna Vittori 'Gran Taster' certificate will be issued at the end of the 3 tasting evenings.

An exclusive course, a once-in-a-lifetime experience




The Program.

Three different speakers will take turns during the 3 evenings

9 samples of 9 different grains

The cost of the course includes lecturers, grain tastings with Evo oil, 3 pastas each with a local wine pairing, tasting plate kit, and course handouts

Those who sign up for the course will get a 10 percent discount on Donna Vittori products

A Grain Taster Certificate

When we talk about ancient or traditional grains , we are referring to small quantities of grains safeguarded and reproduced by small enterprises.

Aside from Cappelli wheat, few others have reached total yields high enough to enter the trade. You must be lucky to find the few farmers who have turned some of their wheat into pasta, or into flour to make bread.

This is why Donna Vittori's 'Grain Taster' courses are a unique occasion to experience unique tastes. They are onlyintended for a few people who will be the first to register for the course.

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