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Donna Vittori was born as a dream of a group of friends from different parts of the world, bound by their passion for wine horses and art.

We fell in love with the Ciociaria countryside of Paliano and in 2021 we decided to found Donna Vittori - Borgo Agricolo, after establishing the Horse Museum Foundation in 2019.

Our dream is to spread beauty, to open the world to the divine taste of Cesanese del Piglio DOCG wine, and the delicate fragrance of Rosciola olive oil.

To the first hectare of Cesanese grapes, we added 4 more in 2022. The first bottles of our Cesanese del Piglio DOCG red wine and Maturano IGT sparkling wine will be ready for tasting in 2024.

But part of our dream is also growing grains and producing different forms of 100% organic pasta. A pasta exclusively made for us and for a few friends and customers who share the same values in terms of health, taste, and beauty.


Every day we work in the fields and vineyards. And you can choose to share with us some of the unique moments of our country life: there are many unforgettable experiences that you can enjoy and end the day with a delicious aperitif. Contact us for more information and reservations.

1. Olive harvest. In October and November, we harvest olives. You can join us during the harvest for one or more days.

2. Harvest. On the first weekend of September (depending on the season), we pick grapes and haul them to the winery. It's a perfect day for a picnic in the middle of the vineyards.

3. Restorative walks among the vineyards. Enjoy the beauty of our undulating landscape. You can enjoy a relaxing picnic among the hills or long walks through the young and old vineyards set in the beautiful hills of Paliano. In summer, you can enjoy the fresh scent of Donna Vittori's wheat fields.

4. Flowering Irises. In April, our 30 varieties of irises come into bloom. The colors and shades of the petals are perfect for a beautiful photo shoot.

5. Harvesting saffron pistils. During the month of November, you can have the unique experience of harvesting saffron pistils and participating in the drying process.

6. Enjoy a unique aperitif in our "Horse Museum" wine shop.


Farm, country experiences, wine and horses.