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The True Taste of Wheat

"When we tasted the pasta made from the grains grown on our farm, we had a unique taste experience. For the first time we felt the grain, the sun, our land and we immediately had the desire to share it with our friends."

From our Fields

After pasta, we produce a variety of natural products in our Borgo Agricolo, which you can choose to complete your taste experience, such as oil and pate. Here in Paliano we produce Rosciola EVO oil, which we also use in our preserves.

Rosciola EVO Oil

To feel the flavor nuances of the grains, we recommend initially tasting the pasta with a drizzle of delicate EVO oil such as our monocultivar Rosciola di Paliano.
Rosciola is a very small olive that should be picked when it is just beginning to blush, as its name implies.
A great oil for salads, fish dishes and even on ice cream, we use it in our delicious creams.

Field Broccoletti Pate

Broccoletti Pate

Broccoletti are part of the tradition of Roman and Ciociara cuisine, and a few years ago we scattered the seeds in the fields until these plants were integrated with all the other wild species. The typical sweetish nuances of Roman broccoletto can be found in this pate.

Chicory Field Pate

Chicory Field Pate

Our Wild Chicory is a true local specialty, a vegetable with an unmistakable bitterish flavor that goes well with meat or cheese dishes. We have harvested them for you and encapsulated all its fragrances in this pate by adding our rosciola EVO oil.

Beet and Field Ramoracce Pate

Ramoracce and Swiss chard pate

Ramoracce are little-known ancient herbs, identified only by the wise eyes of past generations. In this pate, the sweetness of the field chard and rosciola EVO oil mitigate the bitterness of the ramoracce (from the chicory family) into unique flavor nuances.

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