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"An Italian Sunday" - Complete lunch with wheat and new oil


The package is a limited edition with freshly harvested wheat immediately turned into pasta and first-pressed 100% Rosciola EVO oil. All saucers and packaging are MADE IN ITALY.

"An Italian Sunday" is an iconic project in the world of PASTA and GRAINS that represents the image of Italy. Una Domenica Italiana packages are the perfect gift for those who want to experience an Italian lifestyle related to the world of pasta, family Sundays, and lunch with friends.

The packages are designed by artist Edoardo Bernardi. "An Italian Sunday" is a revolution that starts with the tasting of single-varietal pastas with ancient Italian grains and introduces the concept of "wheat terroir" and biodiversity. As with wine, the variety of wheat, the geology of the fields, local biodiversity, and climate give different nuances of flavor to wheat and thus to pasta.


Three packages of single-varietal pasta made from different "novel" grains grown in our fields in
Paliano and Gavignano
- Cappelli wheat pasta - 500g
- Spelt pasta - 500g
- Autonomy B wheat pasta - 500g

  • Bottle of EVO oil 100% Rosciola Novello - 100 ml
  • Red Wine Clea - Lazio Rosso IGT - 750 ml
  • Broccoletti or Chicory Pate - 250 gr.
  • Pack of 3 saucers for tasting our pasta with Donna Vittori logo
  • Za'tar - 30 gr.
  • Gift card registration or shopping voucher valid until 04/28/2024
  • Tasting booklet
Weight 10 kg


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