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Casarecce di Farro - The country traditions of our area.

    Spelt pasta is really a tribute to our territory, to the Roman heritage whose diet was based precisely on this cereal. For spelt, which has a stronger flavor, I chose a combination with a meat-based sauce, reinterpreting a dish from our tradition.

    In my head, farro evokes memories of grandmothers who prepared chicken Romana style with skill and tradition, and I could not resist combining the two scents.


    - 400 g spelt casarecce pasta
    - 1 chicken cut into pieces
    - Black olives q.b.
    - Anchovies q.b.
    - Capers q.b.
    - Garlic to taste
    - 1 chopped onion
    - Sprig of rosemary
    - Black bell pepper q.b.
    - 2 red peppers
    - Olive oil q.b.


    In a pot, we cook the chicken with black olives, anchovies, capers, garlic, onion and a sprig of rosemary. Once cooked, we fray the chicken.

    We vacuum pack the frayed chicken and steam it at 83° C for one hour to extract all the flavors. We pass the result through a sieve or use a suitable blender until we get a concentrated broth.

    Meanwhile, we roast the peppers and remove the outer skin. Blend them and prepare a sauce with onion and rosemary, similar to a chutney or jam.

    We cook the spelt casarecce following the instructions on the package and drain them when al dente.

    In a skillet, we combine the chicken cacciatore with the concentrated chicken broth and toss the spelt pasta with this delicious mixture, making sure that each casareccia is well imbued with the intense flavors.

    Alternately, we lay layers of roasted peppers seasoned with onion and rosemary on top of the pasta.

    We serve the Spelt Casarecce by alternating the chicken cacciatore and roasted bell pepper sauce. We finish with a touch of fresh black pepper.

    This recipe combines traditional Roman flavors with a modern twist, creating a rich and delicious dish. Enjoy

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